I got gems at a creature that is maximum

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Message from facebook group : 
Hi all, I think I have a problem... I will notice this on the website also... Until then. I played a few moments later hero boss arena. Last boss. At final when I saw rewards I saw something strange... Gems with valki... Normal I will be happy with that. But now when I have valky full level 7 with all gems. Why I got more gems? At creature section. Can't farm more gems. Why I got more of them in different games mode? It's something that devs don't test? Or? I appreciate an answer.

A solution will be to check the reward system and create some conditions... If gems from a character need to be added to a character and the character is maximum -> do 2 thing: 1) reroll gems for another character
2) give something else

Or eliminate possible gems that an account with some creature at maximum has.


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