I got gems at a creature that is maximum

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Message from facebook group : 
Hi all, I think I have a problem... I will notice this on the website also... Until then. I played a few moments later hero boss arena. Last boss. At final when I saw rewards I saw something strange... Gems with valki... Normal I will be happy with that. But now when I have valky full level 7 with all gems. Why I got more gems? At creature section. Can't farm more gems. Why I got more of them in different games mode? It's something that devs don't test? Or? I appreciate an answer.

A solution will be to check the reward system and create some conditions... If gems from a character need to be added to a character and the character is maximum -> do 2 thing: 1) reroll gems for another character
2) give something else

Or eliminate possible gems that an account with some creature at maximum has.


  • I wish I had that problem.
  • If you look at the bigger picture there would be a problem with what you suggest.

    If gems are re-rolled then eventually you would only get mythical characters because eventually you would have all common, rare,epic, mythical creatures right.

    To be given something else would be a possible solution but what would it be and how much, would it depend on the type and quality of the creature.

    To make the game not broken they have left it so you can get many different Gems on a creature after it gets to max level for example with the update those gems where put into conversion points.

    Maybe in the future they might allow us to turn in additional Gems for conversion points but i do not think they will ever allow the extra gems to be rolled for another creature.

    I also do not think this is on their radar. 

  •  Yes I agree it would be nice to be able to trade gems we don’t want for either other gems or gold or even be able to trade them with other guild members .
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