Young guild #FQBDH looking for new members

NoTimeForSleep #FQBDH
Guild Buffs: HP +5, Crit 3%, Block 3%, Sunburst +1

We are a laid back guild looking for more active players to join us.  We currently have six active members (four are level 18+ )
New members must be at least level 10 and willing to help daily on dungeon bosses.  However, monetary donations are not mandatory.  

Inactive players may be booted from guild after four days if prior notice is not given.

Hope to see you soon.


  • pinney
    level 20 daily player
    Need to leave guild #lvnru
  • Dont know how to get out of my guild or how to join another. 
  • Pinney. Under guild topic click on top info tap.  Click on far right side of your name and text box should pop up. Click to leave that guild. To enter new guild, click top find tab and enter tag# in search line. Good luck and happy hunting!!
  • Pinney, I saw you are your guilds leader, so it wont let you leave your guild unless and until you appoint a new leader for that guild.
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