Chat font size

The chat window for guild use is very small and difficult to read.   
Please add a scaling to this area of the game.  Communication will greatly improve in the game and also encourage people to strategize and ask questions.....and answer, lol.

While many guilds rely on outside apps for communication...I feel the game chat needs some love.
The font itself, while artsy, is so hard to read, lol. 


  • So true! I got reading glasses specifically because I was having a hard time reading the text, and there is no way to zoom in.
  • But beyond that defect, according to us it must be revolutionized! In addition to enlarging the letters, it must have more memory (not just one day!) Putting autotranslation would be great! With all the international guilds that are there you would be the first to write, you have to take into account that yes English is the international language but not everyone knows how to talk! You have understood, no, for example if a player is Russian but is in an Italian guild like ours, he could write in his mother tongue and when he publishes everything he would self-translate into the mother tongue of the other players; WOULD NOT BE FANTASTIC? Then there should be an obligation to read (given that some of our warriors ignore what we post) that when you enter, you can't go out until you have read all that is new! And adding an international chat would not be bad either. Manufacturers read all this and think about it, second if you put all this into action you will make all Solgard players happy!
  • We add that a chat in the basement would also be useful. Since we had a player who only attacked there and did not donate, it would be really useful to have a chat there too, so that we could also converse with others even while on the attack. Attentive leaders who we believe are not the only ones who behave this way because if a player attacks in the basement but does not donate, he is still active. ALWAYS LOOK EVERYONE OF YOUR PLAYERS! For this reason and for others we have proposed several times to introduce punishments for those who play dirty, we hope they listen to us.
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