Excalibur (Currently Ranked 11) Has an Opening for Next Season!

Hello Solgardians!

We are Excalibur and we are on the rise. In just a few short seasons we went from 25th to 11th, and are continuing our pushing for top 10! You must have a solid team of lvl6+ epics and/or legendaries.

Come to our Discord to apply: https://discord.gg/DfPJSjJ

We are part of the EB Collective, a consortium of 5 guilds. If you aren't strong enough for Excalibur, we can help place you on a solid, active team.


  • Hi :) 
    Im looking for an activ strong guild 🙂
    Im at level 21 and play many times a day 😁
    Kind regards valkyrja =)
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