The new bounty and treasure cave

I feel that with the new bounty's and treasure cave I can play less in a day. I used to be abble to play for at least an hour at my lunch break and now i can only play for 30 minutes and it almost done for the day. I used to be abble to play at least 3 to 4 times a day and now, when I go back to the game at the end of the day There's not much I can do. 
I would like to have the old version back or that there would be less restriction time on those. 


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    Firstly, Im aware this is an older thread, im attempting to make use of whats already posted rather than making a new thread.

    The restriction times in bounties seems fine, at least for what i can tell.
    The restriction times in caves however are really long, and slightly punishing. It would be nice to push my auto harvests more than at its current rate. 5 day lockouts are pretty atrocious, and super annoying for the rarity groups, where some of us have to focus more on. Overall the updates are pretty sweet, im not sure if the update changed the restrictions in any way. However at its current timers it seems extremely long, and punishing.
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