We know that she is a bit sadistic as an idea but in our opinion, when she wants us, she wants us! And if the leaders of each guild could you block access to one of the team members for a whole day? The idea came to us because in our guild it would seem there are components with slices of ham over the eyes in the sense that they don't seem to read the strategies and they attack as they like. In our opinion expelling them would be of no use because they would also do so in the next guild. As we have already written, it is sadistic as a punishment but at least hopefully afterwards they will understand it! Actention that we are not bad is just that the rules and strategies should they be followed, otherwise what are you doing in a guild?!? I hope our idea is taken into consideration need a bit of discipline 💪


  • To "block access" we mean the game in the sense that the one who is blocked will not be able to play Solgard for 24 hours.
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