We know that she is a bit sadistic as an idea but in our opinion, when she wants us, she wants us! And if the leaders of each guild could you block access to one of the team members for a whole day? The idea came to us because in our guild it would seem there are components with slices of ham over the eyes in the sense that they don't seem to read the strategies and they attack as they like. In our opinion expelling them would be of no use because they would also do so in the next guild. As we have already written, it is sadistic as a punishment but at least hopefully afterwards they will understand it! Actention that we are not bad is just that the rules and strategies should they be followed, otherwise what are you doing in a guild?!? I hope our idea is taken into consideration need a bit of discipline 💪


  • To "block access" we mean the game in the sense that the one who is blocked will not be able to play Solgard for 24 hours.
  • We reiterate it another time: it is necessary that the producers of Solgard introduce punishments for those who do not behave as per the established rules in the guilds! I don't think that only in our guild there are crafty people who bypass the rules and do as they please ... We rewrite them: expelling them doesn't count for anything because then they will behave in the same way from another part! In the next update, enter punishments that can only be used by the leaders of each guild, if you do, you will see how the members of each guild will perform their duty. PLEASE, DO IT!
  • Essentially you want the game to force an interaction, that i assume some guilds just promote based on its policy? 
    I dont think all guilds will want to enact the same policy and some might recongnize themselves as another stepping stone towards higher standing guilds. In fact Guilds might even create alliances/coalitions, or expand into empires/federations where they work that way, promoting and demoting within that entity.
  • Free will exists and we do not impose anything, we only think that if in the new update they enter this option of being able to punish guild members, we would use it, at least to make players understand that in any guild the rules imposed must be followed and do not do one's own thing. Each of us is different and thinks in his own way so we don't expect all the leaders of all the guilds to use this punishment (if there will be), we repeat: there is free will and everyone does what he believes and that's right but do not tell us that if you are part of a guild you can do what you like because it is not like that! Gilda means team and family, together we decide the strategies, the methods of attack and the rules for the harmony of all and if someone does not respect all this destroys the overall synergy and is not good; therefore we must make him understand that all this must be respected and followed! We think that Solgard is not so different from everyday life: RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE AND RULES TO BE FOLLOWED TO BECOME MORE STRONG AND OVER THE OBSTACLES. We think so.
  • I dont think a command center where  the leader/co-leader(s)/officer(s), (based on settings) can issue demotions and/or punishments is a bad thing, provided its optional to be using. I got a bit confused on your meaning/intention here, and i apologize. More options, tools and optimization that could assist guild structures is probably a great idea.
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    Public shaming aka sit in the corner with the Dunce hat, is widely panned by people who study such things, and earlier the idea regarding blocking access to Solgard: the problems with this one are legion.

    Ultimately, as LiquidMinstral correctly states set the expectations clearly and then if you need  to hold someone accountable do so... but just as everywhere else in life criticism of a specific person should almost never be done in public: you won't get the reaction you want.  If discussing it privately isn't an option, just kick them and let them be someone else's problem if they aren't holding up their end of the bargain, but if you haven't set the rules clearly for everyone, that's going to come back to bite you.
  • The rules in our guild are very clear and widely explained to each member, especially if new ... On the fact of expelling is what we did since you can not do anything else with those who do not respect what was repeated more than one time ... What we proposed was an idea like those that are proposed every day here; we repeat: we do not impose anything if the idea interests us well, if it does not interest it does the same ... The forum does not exist for this? Express what you think about the game, ask questions and propose new ideas ... And that's what we did, all here.
  • @PolsAndGessi32  I have experienced the type of communication you seem to be writing about here.  I am trying to be be supportive, but I'll bet you *think* you're being clear with your communications when you are not... if you were, you probably wouldn't need a stick and would understand the attractive nature of carrots.

    I used to be a member of a Guild where one of the Officers would rant about "disrespecting orders" and various team members not using the "correct creature combinations" practically every day.   They "punished" more than they explained... I'm not kidding - they truly thought their ability to explain what they wanted everyone to do took only a short sentence and would write paragraphs on how people weren't following instructions.

    Long story short, if people aren't getting the message, consider the sender is probably at fault and amend the transmissions until effective responses are attained.

    It helps if you're nice about it too... we are here to have fun, aren't we?   =)
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    You need to think on the punishments, because blocking a players access to the game isn't a solution. Maybe one that gives you the results you want, but it isnt a good long term solution. This is what i meant on "forcing" interactions. You aren't leaving it to guilds being the deciders of how they enforce policy,  your suggesting that the enviornment and circumstances of the game change so that people are forced into this interaction. I get it your trying to streamline your process for having a good group in your guild, this shortcut suggestion, isn't a good idea. The concept is a good one and has merits. Optimizing guilds so they can operate better is a damn good idea, its not a good idea if it consists of punishing "troublemakers" (actual customers of the game), into a forced ideological perspective.
  • CNDNMade but what a bad affirmation, look at what our guild is now a beautiful warrior family that has formed an alliance with one of the strongest Italian guilds: ItalyLegends! When we published this post we were really angry and stressed because the historical leader had left us the command overnight and we had to manage everything even if we weren't ready (not to mention all the abandonments we suffered because the leader had dumped, IT HAS BEEN HORRIBLE!) If this post did turn up somebody's nose, we apologize but mistakes are part of life and help us grow! Now we know how to manage our family well, the rules are explained in detail as soon as someone enters, if we see that there is no collaboration, activity, that there is no response from the interested party in question, after a maximum of 3/5 days c ' it is expulsion and all this is written as soon as a warrior novice enters our family. It is better that we no longer stop to remember or write about that period ... Rather, we take this opportunity to announce that we are missing 5 strong and valiant warriors! If you are over 25, you are active and fighting is your passion take the case OUR! Come and see the warrior family and YOU WILL NOT WANT TO GO AWAY!
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