Hero Arena power level restrictions to avoid abusive behaviour

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Hi there,

I have an idea for the Hero Arena that I would like to share with you:

Some players with very powerful creatures stay intentionally in lower Hero Arena leagues to get the first positions and win the best chests at the end of the season, leaving no chance to "honorable" players that have a fit and balanced level for such leagues.

To avoid this kind of abusive behaviour, I propose that each league has a power level cut: if you are on a descending position in the league, but the league below has a power cut that is below your team power level or your character level, you will stay in your current league (no descend) and win no prize at the end of the season.

What do you think? Hope you like it!


  • It is called exploitation not abuse. Lol. Welcome to the game dynamics of Solgard. If you can not change them then might as well join them and do the same.  Cheers. 
  • The reason I started "leagueing down" was for the final Arena Chest @ 55 wins, which has a great chance at legendary.  When I was fighting at my level, there was no way I was getting 55 wins.  I was basically winning 50% of the time or less, and even if I played all day I wouldn't have enough plays to get to 55 wins.  

    If this could be changed to allow you to progress towards the final arena chest for wins AND losses, then I'd be more inclined to fight at my level, which does have better final chests.  But even at my level, the final chest reward isn't as good as the 55 win chest (since I'm hunting legendaries).
  • The HA buffs go up with position too. I would like to see them expand LL like the others. GM3 is too full of people who’ve seen LL once or twice and don’t want any part of it.
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