Looking for 2 new members

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Minimum level 19

Follow strategy and donate max daily

Inactive for >3 days without prior warning =kick

Buffs: 5hp, 5% crit, 4% block, 1 sun burst

We were holding position at 130-150 before losing a couple members. 


  • Minimum level reduced to 18 temporarily. We are still on target for <200 and chance of legendary gem this season. 
  • John snow of level 20. I want to join. 
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    @reza Please do. #hiyfy. 
  • We have lost a couple more due to inactivity. Finished last season in top 200 with 16 active. Still have space for 3. When full we should <150 without issue

  • I joined this guild when I left my original and this seems to be a really cool group of active players. I'm glad I joined and I bet you would be too. 
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    We still have space for anyone looking for an active guild. Join us at #hiyfy
  • We are still in need of active players. Even when not full strength we're a solid guild. When full the season rewards will great. 
  • Prehaps i could help? Krakel level 19 soon 20
  • We'd love to have you  
  • Sports are filling. If you're a solid daily player this is a good place to be. 
  • Good work guys.  Great guild still a couple of slots available. ....
  • One space left. Level requirement still reduced to 18. 
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