Devs are allowing guild and players to cheat

just discovered that the same guild  Fairy Tail is both ranked 20 and 48. The game also allows players to use same avatar name.  This is how guilds and players cheat the rest of us players. Do not put money into this game. How does it work.  Example, first you use players from your lower fairy tail guild to attack which crystals needed in higher ranked guild while switched stronger players attack crystals with bombs only lower ranked guild.  Then switch back to have stronger players go and attack boss in the higher ranked guild with their attempts which have not been used all in the same 24 hour game play of guild boss!  

 Never in my life have I seen other multiple player games allowing guilds and player to have same exact name.


  • If what you write is true the creators of the game must remedy it. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE !!
  • @Bedazzle Do you have any evidence or proof this is happening? Looking at FairyTail (ranked 20), their lowest member has donated 4350, which means he/she has been with the guild 29 days, so they are not swapping players out. Even if the guild has the same name, they have different Guild IDs, same with players -- they all have a unique tag. It doesn't seem likely that they would be able to have members beyond their guild attack their crystals/bosses because of this. If you have some sort of proof, then this would be worth looking in to, but until then, I would not be concerned about it as it does not seem possible, as per your explanation.
  • LiquidMinstral. It is very interesting that you do not dispute the fact that this is a very probable way for both players and guilds to cheat.  There would be no way for the average player to give evidence since players do not have full view of all ranking and everyone plays on different time zones.  Each guild is limited in what other guilds they see based on their ranking which is why I was not aware that devs have allowed guilds to have the same exact guild name.  I did discover earlier that devs allow players to have same exact avatar name. This all allows guilds and players to take advantage of other players which devs are allowing by not addressing becuz from devs short sightedness devs feel this encourages players to use actual out of pocket dollars to advance based on what the player is seeing around them.  We the players do not have access to see other player unique tag ID.  And we the players should not have to look up and take the time and keep track of guilds unique tag ID. Each guild name and avatar name should be a unique identifier!!!  

    This is is also the reason game can not grow and advance to guild against guild and player against player matches. Once the above is resolved, game could have real multiple game guild against guild and player against player matches based on ? time zone, continent, country etc or free for all which would then sort guild into different levels. Once guild in a level, individual players now able to play other players within their own level and guild able to play other guilds in their level.  This would allow for more distribution of rewards instead of constantly re-rewarding same top guilds and players. This would also prevent the monotony of this game.  Plus most multiple player gamers like the challenge of competition against others as long as it is somewhat fair.  However, the above is very unfair to both players and guilds. 
  • Forgot to state that also due to above, devs will have to put in a 48-72 hour cool down for players that are kicked or leave a guild which is in line with all the multiple players games I have played previously.  The player still able to play all the side games and get rewards, he just will not be able to participate or get guild rewards till cool down over.  I had no issue with this when I left guilds or was kicked (lol. Backside just hurts for a little while or not at all).
  • I agree with you that swapping members is really a way to cheat and get more than 20 members to attack the same boss, and the devs definitely should set some rules about it. However, for the guild you mentioned, the last few members indeed have 4k donations. If they did leave the guild at some point, that number will go back to zero when they came back. Even if you join the same guild right away, it still resets to zero. I found out long ago when I was looking for a guild. You can try and see this yourself.

    I understand what you are trying to point out. Yes, I believe it's happening to some guilds but, looking at their donation history, I don't think it's this guild. You don't have any evidence that they have been doing what you were accusing. The only evidence we have - their donations - is pointing the other way. And seriously if they planned to do something like that, isn't it better if they used a completely different name for the second guild? 
  • I did not specify any guild.  I specify that there are two guilds with exact identical name.  ?? How many more, therefore if a particular guild is applauded themselves or feeling a sense of defeat for not being able to keep up or ahead of a particular guild based on guild name then one is wasting both their time and money.  The issue is that devs need to make serious changes to the dynamics of this game and not  on graphics. 
  • Why would anybody care about guild names and their position in relation to them impact anything in their life? Man it's only a game  
  • I was hoping somebody would come up with this suggestion which would help level the playing field and increase fairness to all.  The cool down period for leaving or being kicked from a guild would only be 24 hours which is same cool down between guild boss seasons.  most guilds probably  will change recruits at end guild season so player not really missing out on anything.  However, if guild loses or kicks players, the guild might think twice who they admit to their guild. For players themselves this increase fairness to them due to guild more likely to help player succeed versus just kicking.  
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    Hi mates
    in particular, bedazzle!

    I am Sea Shepherd, officer of the Guild Fairytail at about 20th place.

    We are a guild of the first hour, about half of our players have been with us since our early founding.
    We have already discovered the "other" fairytails and asked ourselves what it can be like to use exactly the same name.

    "LiquidMinstral" was the only one who recognized it correctly: we have NO commonality.
    If we were to cheat, we would not have chosen the same name twice. We also would not have had (as "liquid" recogniced correctly) our last new entry 30 days ago.

    We play with a working plan and good men / women, we were formerly ranked 4th (!), Yet we currently lose about 2-6 places per season, because we also keep our weak but loyal friends and DO NOT cheat.

    However, there are actually more and more guilds that form a recruiting Gild:
    - Redditumited / Redditacedemy
    - GermanBrothers / GermanBrothersII
    - Alchemisti / N3xt Alchemisti ... etc.

    That's NOT our style.
    I can assure you that everything is right with us.

    Furthermore, a lot of guilds (me too) have accused the Bloodmoons as cheaters.
    The founder "Loksel" is a described sheet, he has demonstrably cheated in the past. Later, they used a gap to switch players back and forth.

    But that is not cheating, that is a possibility exploit.

    That's NOT our style.
    Incidentally, our latest newcomer on the same day could not fight for us because he had already fought in his old guild.

    I can assure you that everything is right with us.

    We have already renamed ourselves but we were the first.
    That's why: no chance!
    We were and remain THE FAIRYTAILS !!!

    Have fun everybody!

    And right: it's a game, and that's just fun WITHOUT cheating!

    Best regards
    Sea Shepherd 
  • Hey Shepherd! I’m glad you spoke up. I don’t understand why Bedazzle isn’t getting it. If there were foul play, more people would be piling on like when BloodMoon was caught. Keep on keeping on and good luck out there!
  • Same to you and your Guild, Mistral. 
  • The game is predicated now somewhat on comments and suggestions of players. I am trying to eliminate this exploitation.  If everyone could agree on 2 days cool down then devs would change game to accommodate. But no one interested in making the game fairer to all especially for newer players and guilds. This really should not affect the top dog guilds and players.
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    Still feel the many times discussed proposal of 40 battles and 20 bombs per reset recommended by MadScientist could be helpful.  

    Personally I'm moving past looking at the possible cheats available, and find it more enjoyable just playing Solgard with my Crew.  I hope we can stay together as a team for a long time to come.  

    When I first came to the Forum, it was in search of an answer if more than 40 battles and 20 bombs per reset was considered cheating.  I didn't, and still do not, want to cross any fine lines or gray areas.

    My new philosophy... concentrate more on the guild and community I am a part of, and to have fun.... and stop worrying about the "strategists" striving to claim that top spot on the Leaderboard.  Old saying.... locks only keep honest people out.
  • Here-here zzzz. I play for fun and what comes to me I earn my way, the way I want. I do not care what everybody else does or thinks. Sure I'll ask questions on a forum like this but I take what advice I get and use only what I want. 
  • An idea about the twin namens:
    maybe since the Game is combining several countries, the same names of guilds in different contries are Now in one game. 
  • @Seashepherd it could also be a slight name variation.

    FairyTail or Fairy Tail (with a space).

    I see ZZZZ and Zzzz players, but there's only one little old gal zzzz, that's me... lol
  • The name really doesn’t matter as long as there are unique guild IDs for each guild. That’s what keeps them separate. I agree there should be a 40 attack/20 bomb limit. I don’t like the idea of a cool down because that prevents players from going out and recruiting or visiting other guilds. I like being able to stop in and say hi to friendly guilds, then come back home. 
  • @Seashepherd
    Greetings from the Reddit family! Just wanted to reach out and assure you that although we do offer spots to our own members before recruiting publicly, we do so so that the players coming into United and Academy will already be accustomed to our strategies.
    Please, let me assure you, we are one of the most ethical groups in the community.
    We are also home to the largest active discord community for LoS players where ALL guildies are welcome to come talk about the game.
  • Reddit, you guys rock! Thanks for opening up your discord for the whole community. 👍🏼
  • I have decided to join the exploitation as well. I will be visiting my friends and returning to my home guild or being frequently kicked from my home guild and then returning on same day. Cheers.
  • @Bedazzle, not all community members are into exploitation...

    I just spent a wonderful day in my former guild and had a chance to catch up with old friends not on Discord or the Forum.  What fun!!!  Some players like keeping it simple, just the Solgard app.  I care about the many players I've come to know, and they can't all fit into one

    And rest assured, no exceeding the 40 bombs and 20 battles per reset, which some consider "cheating" and some "strategy".  I'm not a fan of crossing the line, even if it is gray.. Just ask anyone in our Crew... I'm a stickler about that.
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