Haumea (#YIBBO) - Recruiting Active Level 16+ Members

edited May 2019 in Guilds
Haumea is a new guild and would like to be competitive.  Our tag is #YIBBO.  We currently have only 2 members.  We're looking for active players at a minimum level of 16.  I plan to raise the minimum (would perfer level of 18+) after we get more members (with members at 16 getting grandfathered in).  Inactive members will be kicked after 3 days.

The plan is to concentrate on the boss and only strategically attack the crystals (and never the mini portal crystal).

We welcome anyone who wants to rise in the rankings.  If interested join the guild.  For questions respond to this post.  If there is demand in the guild we can see about setting up a team chat.
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