Ridicolous graphic changes

hi guys, the latest update is garbage graphically. You had perfect visuals. Looks to me like the creative director left and the lead developer took the helm. The metallic shader looks awful and makes the characters clash with the rest immensely. The particle effects like poison gas on the mushroom make it so confusing to even see the UI on the characters or recognise what is on the map. Please REVERT this insanity. I am considering churning just because of this. Note: i am a game designer and a creative director.


  • I think this was done purposely lol. The devs are eating too many red white dotted mushrooms :)
  • I’m so annoyed! I worked hard to level up my guys and they looked awesome. Now they look like poop. Literally. 
    I’ve loved this game and played daily for a while but they keep going backwards. Not sure about the future of this game...
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