Team Mystic #EZSKE, Looking for 20+ level to join as we work to break the 200 barrier

We were working to break the 200 barrier and had a couple members fall off their regular participation and contributions.  Ended last season at 228, a small slip from the previous season.  Need daily players 20+ level, and daily contributions.   Current Team HP Buffs are at +5, 5%, 4%, and +1.  There is 1 slot open as I had to kick someone that went 5 days without notification or play.  We stay to the 3+ day rule...but we really need participation daily if we are going to get better ranking.


  • We are still missing that one Team Member... Our team jumped from 327 to 268 within hours.  Come join us and help break the 200 barrier!
  • Am surprised we don’t have any takers yet. I would consider dropping the minimum level of joining for the right, dedicated player.  Message me if this describes you.
  • Have you filled the spot yet? I like my guild but we struggle to recruit too so looking to move.
  • Oh, should have told you, I'm level 21 daily player.
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