AsgardsFinest Needs You.

AsgardsFinest (#NYTBN) is looking for 1, level 19+ player.  We finished in position 141 last season and are highly motivated to improve.   We are friendly, supportive Canadians, communicating mostly in English.   Daily donations, boss fights and guild chat will earn you gratitude and respect.   Inactivity or low donations will result in removal. 


  • What are your buffs?
  • 5, 3, 4, 1. And about 2/3 of the way to 3 more health.
  • We are currently battling Pyntir.  A 20th player would be amazing to give us some more potential against him.    Why not give us a try?
  • Thanks to all.    As of May 18 we are full once more.
  • edited May 21
     May 21.     Two spots are once again open.   We defeated the first 12 bosses this season.  We have been coming in between 140 and 155 these last few seasons and continue to grow.    Come give us a try and see if we fit your play style.
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