Top 50 Guild recruiting 20+ player


BeDazzled # BOZQH is looking for an active 20+ player. Must have a good boss team - at least level 5+ Elites, play boss dungeons / donate daily and able to follow guild chat strategies.

English speaking international guild, placed 49 last season. Buffs: 5 HP, 3% Crit, 4% block and 1 sun burst.


  • I am looking for an active guild. I play daily. Did you find anyone yet?
  • welcome Bunny! Full now :)
  • We have 1 spot available for anyone interested!
  • Hi, I'm a level 21 player with some characters in level 6 an one in level 7.

    Tusker L7 Elfling L6 Dazzlepaw L6 Rotbite L6 Boomling L6, Valkyrie L6 Raven Master L6....and a few more. My first language is Spanish but I don't have any problem in chating English because I worked for 25 years in an American company.

    I can do what you are looking for if you consider my offer to join the group.
  • I'm interested. I play daily. Level 20 soon 21. I have 3 elites level 6 with level 6 plus abilities and a handful of rare and commons at level 6 with 6 plus abilities
  • Hi, since Cenere has a place only who will be left out can join the warriors...
  • Sorry guys, got filled fast, will post if we have another :)
  • Hello, we have another spot open, same requirements :)
  • Spot is still open, don't be shy !
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