Join the Excaliber/BeastGuild Community!

We are currently looking for new recruits to join the alliance! Daily active players lvl 18+

We are fun, chatty, and will help you improve! If you're strong enough, we will place you on one of our top guilds: Excalibur (Rank #23) or TheBeastGuild, otherwise you will get an opportunity to participate in one of our alliance guilds and learn from some of the best players in the game.

Join our discord at: p9gaz6Y


  • @LiquidMinstral always on the ball!

    Loving our partnership, and bringing players out of those awful low performing guilds with no strategy or advice, and no one to talk with!  It's so much fun to share strategy and laughter!

    And for those players below 18, will be working on a guild especially for you!  Not everyone has to be Embla 18, just be active and enjoy the game!
  • Well the ExcaliburBeasts Academy is full, and they're not doing too shabby at all for their first season and with Embla 17's on the Crew.  It not only takes having strong players to climb that Leaderboard, it takes strategy too.  Yup from 1023 to 153!

    So, we have a new academy at #ptvqg.  Right now LiquidMinstral has his second account there to help new recruits with strategy.  Buffs are 5341..

    The guild is just starting, but I'll probably fill that one up as quickly as I did ExcaliburBeasts... lol

    Active players unite and become a part of our growing Excalibur Beast community... bring your whole Crew! 

    Hey @LiquidMinstral .... what!!  0 donations and Embla 10??? May wanna donate and get to work on that Campaign so you can Embla up that second account... lol
  • Yup, we can be fun too... one of the officers posted this in general strategy today 

  • Don't know if I'll have time to test out that strategy... as Dek said I'm too busy playing Solgard and recruiting : p

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