Hero Arena start time

I have noticed that Hero Arena always starts at the same time on the same day every week.

Given that buffs and daily token rewards are determined according to a player’s highest achieved position on any day, this gives those players that can get their attacks in at the very start of the season, a very good chance of receiving better buffs and tokens. Which is fine... if you’re not sleeping, working, or doing other RL stuff. A few hours later, the season positions have started to settle, and those at the bottom have no easy access to those buffs or rewards and face an uneven struggle as they try to fight those, that through pure fortune of location, were able to snaffle those buffs.

Example: I just did it in Legend League, lost my first battle, won the second and, boom, I’m 15th. Lucky me, but I know, in an hour or two, I will be back down somewhere between 100-200th and, come the end of season, I will be battling to stay in the League at all (like always). In other words, I got rewards I wouldn’t ordinarily be likely to get at any other time. Is that fair? I don’t think so.

There are two ways that I can think of that would make this fairer.

1. Lengthen or shorten the season by, say, 5.5 hours. This would give players in different time zones and with various work-life-play patterns a chance to take the same advantage. Or...

2. Change rewards and buffs for the season changeover day, so that anyone that plays during that day will get the same, regardless of their best position during the day (or at least so as not to be based on a chance position gained in those first turbulent minutes).


  • I'm not as worried about Kevin's point, but another thing to consider with the timing is the end of the season. I run into the situation where the HA season ends at 4 or 5AM for me. I end up missing out on the final 4-5 battles because I am sleeping. So I go to bed in a top ten position, and end up finishing 20 or 30 something (or worse). I am at a disadvantage due to my location, so it would be nice if that time got shifted each season, as Kevin suggests.
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