Guild ItalianWarriors recruit...

Need new members, level 15 or more, you just need to be active donate and attack every day. If you have these characteristics, don't waste your time and become part of the warrior family! LET'S FIGHT TOGETHER!!


  • We need 4 players! CORAGGIO!!
  • Three places remain among the warriors .... Come on players join us! We're moving up the list ...
  • We still need 3 players. Join us. A full team is stronger and can be unbeatable! To be so, few warriors are missing.We become unbeatable together ... STRENGTH !!
  • With all the players that are on Solgard there will be 3 of them which is fine to join the warriors ... LET'S GO!!! We want to be complete !!
  • Our guild is composed of six warriors of lvl 20, three of lvl 21 and the others are from the fifteenth lvl to the 19th. There are still places ...
  • edited May 16
     Players we need other warriors !!                 
  • We had to expel 2 inactive players, a new one joined us. We need 4 new active and strong warriors above level fifteen. We are waiting for you.

    We want to return to the top hundred and to do this we must complete the team of warriors. POWER!!!
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