Guild ItalianWarriors recruit...

Need new members, level 15 or more, you just need to be active donate and attack every day. If you have these characteristics, don't waste your time and become part of the warrior family! LET'S FIGHT TOGETHER!!


  • We need 4 players! CORAGGIO!!
  • Three places remain among the warriors .... Come on players join us! We're moving up the list ...
  • We still need 3 players. Join us. A full team is stronger and can be unbeatable! To be so, few warriors are missing.We become unbeatable together ... STRENGTH !!
  • With all the players that are on Solgard there will be 3 of them which is fine to join the warriors ... LET'S GO!!! We want to be complete !!
  • Our guild is composed of six warriors of lvl 20, three of lvl 21 and the others are from the fifteenth lvl to the 19th. There are still places ...
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     Players we need other warriors !!                 
  • We had to expel 2 inactive players, a new one joined us. We need 4 new active and strong warriors above level fifteen. We are waiting for you.

    We want to return to the top hundred and to do this we must complete the team of warriors. POWER!!!
  • Guys we have temporarily changed the guild flag and rules. Italian players come forward the warriors are waiting for you !!
    As usual, however, players from other countries are also welcome :-)) UNION MAKES STRENGTH !! COURAGE!!!

  • Players!!! We need 4 warriors above level 15! Tag #FDVOE
    ItalianWarriors +5, 3%, 4%, +1
    Below we show you all the guild members...

  • Players from lvl 15 and later we need you! Tag #FDVOE
  • We have eliminated an inactive warrior so there are 5 places ... We are waiting for players, warriors need you!

  • We were finally able to return in 20 but it did not last long ... And unfortunately we will decrease again as we will probably have to expel another 2 or 3 members (WE HOPE NO!) If you are looking for a quiet guild that aims to climb the ranking YOU HAVE FOUND !! Come and visit us and if you like us stay with us ;-) THE WARRIORS ARE WAITING FOR YOU !!

  • 6 vacancies, reached 322 at the end of the season ... After having expelled the lost time and those who wanted to do as they pleased, they remained the most active warriors ready to do battle! Solgardiani! Come and visit us and you will see that we like you ;-)
  • These are the Italian warriors and we are the leaders :-)) we still need 6 new warriors to help us return to the top 100 rankings. The buffs are 5 (soon 8), 3,4,1 the minimum level to join our family of fighters is 15. We are waiting for you ;-)
  • i've a friend who is level 11 and looking for good guild, hes regular if you think you need him, let me know.
    currently hes in a rank 297 guild bit problem being that they dont write english. 
  • If it is active it is welcome! Thank you for writing it :-)
  • Here is our guild after the update. Currently we need 7 players, come and visit us and if you find yourself well stay with the warriors. YOU ARE WELCOME!!
  • Another player left ... Unfortunately he wasn't well after the new update; and soon another one will leave for the same reason. We need 9 active players of a level above 25. Join the warriors, we are waiting for you!
  • Minimum level 20, sorry.
  • We have recently joined forces with Italy Legends, one of the Italian guilds still in the top 20 of the ranking! We want to increase the family of warriors !! Join us and you won't regret it ;-)

  • ItalianWarriors RECLUTE !! tag: #FDVOE WARRIORS !!! JOIN US !!!!
  • Are there 5 strong, active and combative warriors? The ItalianWarriors want YOU !!! JOIN US AND YOU WILL NOT REJECT IT !! Minimum level 25. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!
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