An unprejudiced guild on the lookout for fellow warriors to inflate dungeon spoils

Heil og sæl fellow Vikings!

We are a band of brothers and sisters joined under the Freyjas Teardrop banner, on a hunt for active companions to boost our ranks. We have entered the darkest dungeons, faced fearsome monstrosities and emerged victorious.
Whilst there, we've had a glimpse of riches beyond anything you remember from your bed-time stories. These are buried deep down. Almost as Odin himself laid it there to test our worth. Yet... formidable as we are, we are too feeble to lay our hands on all this wealth... yet.

We therefore dare you to ride with us, to join our forces and share our spoils!

We ask that you join our battles as often as your strength permits.
We do not demand that you share your gold with us, though mind that Freyja rewards every generosity with Guild Coins for you to use as you will.

Seek Freyjas Teardrop guild #ZNEHE and join us!
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