Top 12 guild seeks level 21+

Looking for a chance to be in the Top10? We’ve had 2 seasons in the top 10 and have been edged out through inactivity.

The Uprising are looking for a new member.

level 21
willing to follow strategy & work as a team
must have discord
Willing to be part of a strong family - we haven’t had anyone leave for over 2 months.

English speaking international guild.

Please reply or message me and when we find the right player we will boot the inactive to open up the spot.


  • Are you still looking?
  • Hi,

    we have filled the current vacancy unfortunately. If you would like to be added to a waiting list and are level 21 please let me know. I am happy to add you, but cannot guarantee when a space will be available.
  • Hi Dingus you can join the warriors if you are interested...
  • Hey just got booted from blood on arrival with no explanation... been playing for about 8 months and haven’t missed a day... applying for guild membership
  • Sorry to hear that.

    We have heard similar stories from other players that have joined us from the blood group of guilds.

    We are currently full and don't appear to have any players wanting to leave this season.

    I am more than happy to pop you on  our waiting list. We will let you know when a space becomes available and you can decide if you are still interested.

    Pop onto our discord and we will add you from there and keep in contact with you that way.
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