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Hello LoS

I find it very hard to coordinate raid targets, and getting insight on members raid preformance in the current chat structure, because its littered with donations.

I suggest that you add a small text box in the raid page, which raidleader + officers can write a small message for the rest of the guild to see. When you have more time please change the way the chat is working - donation spam wall is not a chat.


  • Hi Valbo,
    This point has come up numerous times in the chat. I'm sure it's something on the list for developlers to take care of, but they have a huge list of upgrades and fixes, and that doesn't seem like much of a priority (I'm guessing). What most top guilds have done is start a free Discord chat server and hold all their discussions there. Some guilds, like Reddit United have opened their Discord server to the general public, and a TON of players hang out there sharing information. LoS has an open channel on Discord as well. You should look into it, it's easy to use and can really help take your guild to the next level.
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