Top 25 Guild Looking for a New Recruit!


We are a very active and friendly guild looking to make a move from 25th spot to top 10.

We're looking for dedicated players who farm daily and have a solid dungeon boss team that can do 500+ dmg on bosses. Also must be willing to take coaching advice and tips from our officers.

  • Donate 150 gold per day
  • Fight 2 boss battles per day
  • Follow the strategy outlined in the guild chat
  • Must be Emlba level 21 or higher (or awesome high dps team)
  • Must have a solid team of lvl 6 (or above) creatures, epics and legendaries preferred
  • Players not following the guidelines for 2 days will be excused from the guild
Please join our new recruits Discord channel to apply — and give the stats of your dungeon team so we can assess your potential (i.e. Valk 6/8/7, Crack 6/7/7, etc.)

Thanks and we look forward to connecting with you!
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