Creature question.

What happens when you have a creature completely upgraded? Level 7 with 3 gems. Do you still keep getting gems? If so they would be kind of useless. 


  • @yourdaddy couple players on my Crew have so many legendary sun gems that are of no use to them right now.  It's really frustrating for them.  They are maxed out.

    There are ideas out on the Forum for some type of exchange or even a pawn shop where you can unload some of the things of no value to you, like excessive gems or molds.
  • Yea, well too.many legendary gems is not going to be a problem for a long time. Common gems, maybe. 
  • That's what I thought, until I started hitting Rank 5 and 6... gems get used up pretty quickly at the higher ranks...
  • So, level 7 is the maximum level for creatures? Interesting... Have a long way to go to come even close.
  • I've got 1 level 7 now and will have a second in a few days. I've got about 10 other level 6  
  • Yup, Rank 7, left and right levels 10.

    Wonder if Snowprint ever considered upping the rank to 8, and what kind of effect it would have if they did.  I'd probably get destroyed in Legends League, might need a league above Legends.  And then probably wouldn't stand a chance in Dungeons.  

    But then I think about the long time players who have amassed gems they can't use.  They no longer have the ability to rank up the creatures... just keep getting that are useless.  Would definitely make the game less fun for me if I was in their shoes.

    What do you think would happen if ability to rank up went above 7?

  • My own view is that the level cap should NOT be raised, nor ability levels. Reason being that those players who started early and have all those excess gems would immediately be able to overpower those who have only just been able to start competing with them (unless they spend a lot of money).

    At the moment, any player, can become reasonably competitive within 6-9 months without the need to spend any money (as long as they can put in the hours).

    The top players get gems they can’t use? Frustrating, for sure, because they cannot advance - but neither can anyone else.

    Personally, I would rather see more idols made available, and I am sure there are going to be plenty more creatures to work on in future as well.

    I suggested in an earlier discussion that upgrades for creatures could become cheaper with time (gold & dust) to allow new players to get to some competitive creatures fairly quickly while keeping newly released creatures at a higher price for a month or so before (very) gradually, lowering the costs.
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