How do I

How do I access my profile? & How to I purpose a question for answers?


  • You can access and edit your profile (name and picture) in two places.

    If you are in a guild, select Guild then Info. Find yourself in the list and click on it. Then click the small Edit icon by your name.

    The other way to access it is to go to Hero Arena. There is an edit icon there too, under League Duels too in the top right corner.

    There you can change your name (once only) and choose 1 of the 11 icons to represent you in the arena and guild.

    It would be nice to have more than 11, so that each member of a guild could have a unique icon but, for now, that’s all there are.

    If you have a general question, comment, or are looking to join a guild, or looking to fill a vacancy within a guild, then you are in the right place for that already (this forum).

    If you have a specific issue to do with your game (eg. failure to receive a reward or locked out of part of the game then click on the wheel cog icon in the top left of most screens and select Help Center. From there, select Technical and Connection Issues, scroll to the bottom, and select Contact Us. Fill in the form to raise the issue directly with customer services. Good Luck!
  • Kevin, always enjoy reading your posts... so detailed and informative : )
  • @Excalibur72 under Discussions there are three sub topics... the top two are most used:  Strategy and Guilds... If you want to post a Strategy question, you would go to Discussions, Strategy, and then tap New Discussion.  

    The Ideas section is just that... Forum community members sharing ideas and thoughts to improve or enhance the game.

    The Support section is where you can post technical issues or problems.  When I have problems that require technical support I post in the Forum, and also put in a Help Center ticket using the cog below Embla, top left, in the Solgard game.  If you use the Help Center to report an issue it automatically includes your player game tag ID.  The Forum post is to see if it is a limited issue, or if it is widespread.

    Happy critter hunting : )
  • P.S.... usually a good idea to do a search first to see if there is already a discussion in progress.
  • Thank you, @zzzz. It’s always nice to be appreciated. 😁. You are very active on here too, and it’s really nice we help each other out.
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