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I'm not quite clear how to use Idols. I have a bunch of them and they say something like "creature rank 3" or "supporter". What does that mean? Does it not work on other creatures? Is the idol not working anymore when I advance my creature to the next level? The tutorial is pretty much useless for these questions. Idols are too expensive to just play around with them.

Thanks for an explanation.


  • When an idol says ‘Supporter’ it means it can only be fitted to creatures that have that role (as displayed on their card). All creatures have 1 of 3 roles; Defender, Attacker, or Supporter. If an idol has this restriction (most do not and can be used on any creature), it can ONLY be fitted to a creature with that role; so make sure that the creature you are intending to use it on has the matching role listed for it.

    Rank restrictions are the MINIMUM rank the creature needs to be to fit it. It won’t suddenly stop working if you rank up that creature afterwards. In fact, the grade of idol directly affects the minimal rank of the creatures it can be used with:

    Common idols (dull steel) can be used on any unlocked creature.

    Rare idols (copper) are rank 3 and up.

    Epic idols (silver) are rank 5 and up.

    Legendary idols (gold) are rank 7 only.

    One mold will only make one idol. It is consumed in the process (which is why you may have multiple copies of the same idol).

    Also, and importantly, look out for the sun and moon symbol on the idol. Two idols have the same name and quality, but one will be a sun idol, and the other will be the moon idol. You do NOT have to match a pair on the same creature; there is no bonus for doing so, or penalty for not doing so. Not all idols have a matching pair. The only restriction is that each creature can ONLY have one sun idol and one moon idol so, again, make sure you have the correct slot available for the creature you intend to use the idol on.

    Creature quality has no effect on which idols you can use with it; you can fit a common idol to a legendary creature, or a legendary idol to a common creature if you want to.

    So, in summary:

    1. Decide which idol you want to make (assuming you have materials and gold for it), and which creature you are going to fit it to.

    2. Check if the idol (or mold) has a role restriction and, if it does, make sure the creature you want to fit it to is of the same role.

    3. Check that the creature meets the minimum rank for the quality of the idol.

    4. Check that the creature has a free slot for the idol alignment (sun or moon).

    5. If that’s all good, make the idol and fit it and watch that power score rise!

    Final words: Removing idols is expensive (200 diamonds to buy a hammer plus you have to wait for it to appear in the shop) if you want to use it elsewhere, but dismantling them is free (I believe) except that you lose some of the materials used to make it, and the gold it cost you.

    You are wise to be cautious, but don’t be put off from using rare and common idols. I’ve been playing for 9 months now, am level 21, and on chamber 24 of Underworld. In all that time, I have never got a legendary mold, and have received only 3 epic molds, but I HAVE got a lot of rare and common molds. Use them while you wait for something that may (or may not) be worth waiting for. By the time you get a good one, you’ll easily have covered the cost from the benefit of using any rare or common idol and, in all likelihood, there will be other creatures you will want to fit the new idol to any way.
  • Oh, and to actually fit the idol...

    Once you have made it, a window will show you 4 available creatures you can fit it to but you don’t have to use it there. It is better to select your creature from the creatures home screen. The idol slot will have a blue haze around it indicate that you have an idol available for it. Select the idol slot to open a window with your new idol in it. Select that and your creature will be overjoyed!

    Hope that helps.
  • Thank you very much. That cleared up my confusion. I was not aware that the rank is the minimum rank needed. I have all these rank 1 idols, but no rank 1 creature anymore. So I thought these idols are useless...

    Will now make some idols. I have lots of material and the gold will come.
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    Thanks a lot for the complete explanation @KevinTropman. Hope you can help me too with a similar problem.

    I have just crafted a Moon type idol with Rank 3 and Defender role restrictions. I want to assign this idol to my Rock Gronch, which is Rank 3 defender, has a Sun idol  and no Moon idol assigned. Cannot remember the name of the Sun idol he has already assigned, but it is not the same as the one I have just crafted.

    Restrictions seem to comply, but for some reason I cannot assign this new idol to the creature. The game won't let me. When I click on the Rock Gronch, the Moon idol slot has no blue haze.

    Could you help me, please? Thank you. 

  • Nevermind, Rock Gronch is Supporter, not Defender. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Someone created an Idol Guide that many have found helpful. You can see that here:

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