Increase number of moves when chain reactions are triggered

I previously played and loved the game "Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes", which clearly inspired Legend of Solgard. While Solgard has innovated a lot on the ideas from that game, and in some ways improved on some aspects, one thing I really miss from Clash of Heroes is the ability to get more than 3 moves per turn, as a result of triggering chain reactions - for instance, creating a wall that also results in a creature being combined gives you one additional move. This was a key part of the skill of playing Clash of Heroes, and in fact there were even puzzle levels where a whole bunch of stuff had to be achieved in just one turn, via very crafty use of chain reactions resulting in additional moves. I feel like not including this feature has maybe made the game mechanics easier to grasp for beginners, but the strict 3-move turns with no exceptions feel somewhat limiting in comparison. I guess it's just what you're used to - but IMHO this feature would be a great addition to Solgard.


  • I can just imagine how frustrating that would be if the AI had this too though... (oh look, wiped AGAIN by the AI without having a single turn ☠️).

    Having said that though, I do like the idea. Would just have to be careful about implementation.
  • It would definitely add more skill and strategy to the game rather than mostly being luck, as in the HA, but @KevinTropman makes a good point about the “AI” having the same ability. 
  • Michel. Out of curiosity, so why are you not still playing “Might and Magic: Clash of Hero’s” and playing Solgard instead 
  • edited April 2019
    @Bedazzle well a couple of reasons, first of all it's not available on phones anymore, second of all after beating the campaign two or three times on various devices it got old and new levels were never introduced, third of all the PvP, while cool in the sense that it was live and not AI-based, barely made an attempt to fairly match players, resulting in battles that were impossible to win unless you had been playing "from the beginning" and were already overpowered. And unfortunately battles in the campaign didn't count toward increasing your stats in PvP mode. It's possible that they improved PvP in the Steam version, but I haven't gotten around to trying that - I guess I lost my motivation after already being burned by the PvP on PSN and mobile. It's really too bad that they never updated the game with new levels or a sequel, because the game mechanics were top-notch. Which is why I'm very happy to see Solgard picking up where Clash of Heroes left off.

    In any case I can definitely recommend the game to any Solgard fans, if you can make time for it, of course. ;) The campaign is quite fun and highly addictive. ;)
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