Game crashes every time I open it

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  • It’s buggy.  Game crashes every time I open it now.  I would advise people not update if on iOS iPads.  
    I lost(app crash closed) my guild boss turn and all three of my dungeon turns.  Sad.
  • A member of my guild is having the same issue. @Melonball, what version iOS are you running. Would be good to know if this is software version related before I update. 
  • Hi Melonball,

    Please let me know which device model you're using for LoS. Older versions of iPads with less than 2GB of RAM are not compatible with the game. This thread has more info:
  • My game is crashing every time now since the update. I’m on iPhone 6 Plus with about 70gb of space left. Using latest IOS 12(.?) I’ve disabled app refresh in background. I can load into Solgard but every time I start a game it crashes. I used to have buggy problems before with the game crashing every two or three games or when changing game rooms but this won’t allow me to play at all now. I tried removing the app and downloading it again from the App Store but still the problem persists. Any help appreciated thank you. 
  • MarkHawk said:
    Hi Melonball,

    Please let me know which device model you're using for LoS. Older versions of iPads with less than 2GB of RAM are not compatible with the game. This thread has more info:

    App Store says compatible.   No warning listed at App Store to use at own risk.   If your game is not compatible with all iPad have failed to notify apple with proper device compatibility checks.  See above.    I used to play with only a few issues.   I have NEWER devices but have been told there is NO WAY to move my account to my android phone or my Samsung Galaxy Tab.   

  • So, you’re saying that only these iOS devices are now compatible with Legend of Solgard?
    • iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4: 2 GB
    • iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9-inch: 4 GB 
    • iPad Pro 9.7-inch: 2 GB
    Might have been polite to WARN people before they updated to 1.8.0.
    Those devices were released in 2018.   So any device older than (a year) NOT compatible?
  • Hi devs. One of my guild mates speculating that the crashing is due to the pop up of minions which is a new software program with new update.  Do not know why minions need to pop up cuz was fine with minions already being present and ready to fight with previous version. 
  • I think it’s the new graphic for the mushroom character.  It’s stuck on my duel team, when I click it to change to bear, game closes.   On character force closes, too.   The purple warm toon has a glow green around it, too...
    as long as I lose the battle and or don’t use or see either of those toons, app can stay open.   Frustrating, because the app won’t stay open to change team to get rid of those two characters.....and I can’t upgrade any toons because team tab force closes after few seconds.  
  • Hi there, 
    same as P8aul... just a nightmare since update...  here is a list of all the bugs I have :
     - game crashes very often when changing rooms or just like that for no reason
     - impossible to do heroic level from minions, but ok from canpaign
     - impossible to attack guild boss
     - can’t upgrade minions
    - impossible to fight in arena, game crashes when starting so I loose everytime
    -  cannot even see minions

    I m playing on IPad Air, last version of IOS, 20 GB of memory’left, no problem whatsoever with any over apps...
    please do something for us , thanks

  • Same issue here, on iPad Mini 2. It has always been a little temperamental but since this new update it's unplayable. If it's the official line that the game doesn't support this device, despite the listing on the App Store saying the contrary, then quite honestly I want a refund on the money I've spent on the game. 

    Where is the dev feedback on this? 
  • I’m on an iPhone 6, iOS 12.2. It crashes when I try to play in my guild, when I look at my creatures, halfway through dungeon games... it’s basically unplayable. And if the solution is a new phone then that’s really not in the budget!

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for writing in!

    I am sorry to hear about your experience with the game.

    Legend of Solgard features complex 3D graphics that are optimized for the latest technology available and higher end devices.

    Please know that devices like iPhone 6/5S/5C/5 or older, iPad Air 1st Gen, iPad Mini, iPad 2/3, etc.. may experience issues similar to what you've described.
    We support iOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above. Supported devices must also feature a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB Storage.

    In regards to Legend of Solgard's graphics, these devices can have less powerful processors than versions that have since been released.

    Performance may vary and crashing issues may disrupt the enjoyment of the game on the device that you’re currently using, I understand how frustrating it can be!

    Whilst we do endeavor to have as many devices as possible compatible with our games, we do want our games to be the best.

    Let us know if you have further questions.

    Farewell and battle hard!

    Kindest regards,

    Player Support

  • MarkHawk said:
    Hi Melonball,

    Please let me know which device model you're using for LoS. Older versions of iPads with less than 2GB of RAM are not compatible with the game. This thread has more info:

    App Store says compatible.  Also, there is no minimum requirement listed on App Store page.   
  • It’s a bit difficult to “battle hard” when the game won’t let you battle at all. I guess I’m going to have to make my apologies to my guild and bow out.
  • @p8aul

    As @Melonball points out, the app store listing states the game is compatible with devices you have listed as being possibly problematic. That would have been accurate up until the last patch, however now it's broken and unplayable. I have spent a modest amount of money on the game, which now no longer works. How is that acceptable? It goes without saying, I would never have spent money on a game had it been unplayable, however as everyone else is confirming, that has never been the case, until now.
  • Here is the solution of all problems :
    Just like me, unistall the game and find another one !
  • I have been playing the game since it first came out. As everyone knows it always been buggy and crashes out from time to time (kind of lived with that side of things).
    The latest release is now unplayable though.
    To be honest, I personally think it is unacceptable to keep optimizing the graphics so that it's not playable unless you are an owner of a newest device with loads of space.
    Feel really let down. It was a game I enjoyed playing and invested time in.
  • I’m playing since the start and it has been crashing so now and then but it was such a great game it didn’t matter. However the game now crashes before I can even start playing. 

    I don’t need fancy pancy 3D graphics, I already thought the game was the best. 

    How is it ok to expect players to buy a new phone to keep being able to play a great game?

    i really hate to but I’m quitting the game. Cause it’s not enjoyable anymore. 
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