One Embla 20 Needed, Pyntir Chest Tomorrow

zetes is looking for one Embla 20 to join this solid crew.  Will be taking down Pyntir tomorrow... nice chest reward for joining today : p

Recruit needs to be daily player willing to follow and share strategy.

Please message me, zzzz, directly.  If you try to join without an invite you may be kicked.



  • Getting ready to say goodbye to a player that does not play daily, and does not work as part of our team.

    He has been put on notice, and I have offered to give him guild ID's with the same buffs as ours...

    Just need one more daily player.  If you don't have the strategy down yet, we'll be happy to share our knowledge :)
  • Had a change of heart about cutting loose the player, won't be doing that until after the Pyntir chest is awarded... I'm not totally heartless...

    We will be replacing the player before the new season.  While he didn't seem to even check Crew strategy, he did help with the battles this season.

    If you're a daily player and you like team work, you may have just found the right Crew for you.
  • Crew is back at 100%...

    Thanks @LiquidMinstral for the referral Rashoova excellent today.  Yay!

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