High visibility grid option

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You can currently make out where each unit is positioned, but a more visible grid would make it easier to do so / prevent misclicks because valk is too tall etc 


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    Hi, I came here to create an own thread, but I think it fits here:

    I have small display and "deleting" a creature by double-click often ends in hitting one above or below, which can cost the match easily. 
    A grid might help (you can still misclick though) but might also be a bit ugly. Therefore, I would like to make the following suggestion to the devs:

    Please implement that we can select a creature by pressing on it once, and that we then can click on it once again, to delete it, or select another one. --> No more miss-double-clicks and no habit-change needed for players who did not have this problem. Some visual effect, being similar but distinguishable to the effect for selecting a creature in the last row would be necessary to see which was selected. 

    This is my highest priority wish for the game at the moment.
  • hmpf... in the middle vs arnulf, poision stack at max.... had to remove a landwyrm vertically between valkyries to build a valkyrie to potentially destroy the mini towers, to increase poision stack on boss with ghast afterwards. So i tapp on landwyrm once to see if i hit him. a second time, to make sure. then double click on the same position: Valkyrie gets deleted. scream Ghast poisons the towers, stack gone. face_palm
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