SouthernAfrica Guild #UXXTC

A SouthernAfrica Guild is looking for 5 extra Members Min lv 15+ to join the Crew...Guild already runs on 10+ Members(Lvl 20+) , 4+ Members(Lvl 18+)...You can be from anywhere in the WORLD, It doesn't matter...Join Us & lets Break some Ice. TAG #UXXTC


  • To potential players, Southern Africa Guild #UXXTC is a top 400 looking for 5+ players of rank 7 and above to do serious daily damage in dunguens and progress to top 300 in next season. We are a supportive guild and looking to grow with lower ranked players and encourage them to reach level 20+ within the Guild. 
  • This Guild is awesome, so full of quality teammates. Top 500 last season, the whole team is active, and the leader is organized and takes action on Guild policies. Great spot for newer players who really love the game and play every day.

    I'm glad I took advantage of the opportunity to join recently, and there are still open slots for others who would do the same.
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