I've got some questions and hope I can find some answers

As a guild we're only doing this for the gold. We really don't care about rankings but we have realized we cannot get past the current dungeon without a team approach. 

We have started to work towards a coordinated attack approach with 1 player buying the boosters and everybody attacking at the same time. We see that does have some benefit but we have seen some things which raised some questions. 

How often can a single player buy a booster? We think it might be 72 hours but are not sure. 
If you buy a booster before the time out (assuming there is one) do you just loose the gold and diamonds?
Can a team buy boosters more than once a day as long as different people make the purchase?
The bombs are not affected by the crystals so we have been using them on the boss while we attack the crystals. Does this really matter since there is a total HP for the combo of boss and crystal?
Other than boosters and coordinated attacks is there anything else we as a team can do? 

Any and all help will be appreciated. 


  • Regarding boosters: Each member can boost once per day to receive a personal 20% boost to critical hits and/or block for guild fights only. Each boost lasts for 2 consecutive attacks and will apply only to the player that paid for the boost. There is no time limit (as far as I know) to this aspect, and it can be used on different crystals, bosses or one on one day and one on the next as you wish.

    In addition, each boost may add a 3h30 time extension boost to the guild boosters. This is a 10% boost to critical hit rate and/or block rate and is, I think, cumulative with any personal boost effect. It applies to all guild members for all guild fights, so it makes sense to use them when most of your team will be attacking.

    There is, however, an individual 72h cooldown on this aspect. If any member boosts again before their cooldown is up, they will still receive the personal 20% boost, but there will be nothing added to the guild booster clocks (cooldown won’t be reset, so you can boost yourself daily without losing anything). If everyone uses boosters once every 3 days, once the cooldown is done, it is possible to have the guild boosters running for 70 hours out of every 72 (20 x 3.5).

    As for strategies? You really have to test things and work out what works best for you. What works well for one guild, may not work well for another and it can also change from season to season as team members get stronger or quit/join you.

    Good Luck, and enjoy this very interesting aspect of the game! 😁
  • We know where the collective booster is located but where do I find the individual booster? It might seem like a stupid question but do not see it at all. 
  • It’s the same button for both individual and guild. Think of it as an individual booster that may also add time to the guild booster. If you are in cooldown for the guild boost, the time remaining will be shown underneath.
  • Also, just realised individual boost is 10% as well (not 20%, as I posted originally).
  • I kind of thaough that would be the individual booster too but wanted to be sure. 

  • No problem. Glad to help. 😀
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