Poison Bug Issues ??

Hey Solgard,

I am a poison user and i am thinking there is a bug with it.

At the end of a treasure goblin level if you destroy the barrier, if you have merged creatures they run and destroy any extra obstacles and if the treasure goblin is still alive they will still damage him or kill him and you can get your bonus.

This is not the case for poison. At the end of the stage when you kill the barrier if the treasure goblin has poison on him you do not get your extra tick of damage and this results in that ability become useless in a way. 

The poison should have its final tick as well and if that results in the treasure goblin dying then it would be fair in my opinion. This is just like a merged creature running into him and getting its final damage.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



  • Unfortunately this is the order of operation in which the game calculates damage taken from Fire and the Poison Mechanics on the opponent's board.

    When it becomes your opponent's turn only then will their "Beginning of turn effects"... happen. For example the Raven Master walls for an opponent will fire their ravens, and THEN, Fire damage will tick, and poison damage will tick. It happens on the opponent's turn, not yours. When you Destroy the Portal in the "Treasure Hunt" - You destroy it on your turn, not your opponent's so unfortunately you won't recognize that damage taken. 

    Believe me... I really WISH it happened the way you described it to because I run poison characters as well, but it's currently just the way the game calculates it's order of operations. However... Doesn't mean they can't change it to work better ;)
  • Actually, the whole thing where the unmerged minions and holding minions are sent in an animation after you win is 100% useless. If it kills the gnome or anything else you don't get stuff. I don't even know why they bothered doing it if it has no effect but w/e.
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