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Hi @MarkHawk

I access the Help Center using the cog below Embla, top left of Solgard main screen.

After tapping the cog, I can see the Help Center right below Forum...

After tapping the Help Center, I usually get a server connection error so I just tap it again, and voila I'm in.

Then I scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap Contact Us.

This allows me to put in a help ticket, but.... is there any way to add an attachment like a screenshot of my player id # or of the problem?  Am I missing something, or is there no attachment option?

Discord is nice because you can post a pic of the issue.  The response time is so quick on Discord... do the screenshots help the server guys?

Don't think I'd be wanting to post my players ID on either Discord or here... lol

So, did I miss the boat and there is a way to add attachments using Help Center???... If not, it sure would be nice if the option was available.


  • Hi zzzz!

    The in-game contact form does not have options to attach files. If you want to include attachments in first contact then please upload them online and paste the link in the ticket. You can also wait with the attachment and add it to the email you get from support.

    When you're using the help center in the game it will automatically include your player ID so no need to add it manually :+1:
  • Thanks for the reply Mark!

    Good to know the player ID is automatically included in the Help Center ticket.

    Sure would be nice to have an attachment option for the initiating ticket : )

  • Do you have instructions for uploading on line so it can be pasted to the help ticket?

    Thanks again!
  • Any online storage can do the trick :+1: If you have Google Drive or Dropbox then simply upload the files there and include the link in the ticket. Imgur is fast and convenient for screenshots. Screen recordings are also great to highlight an issue in the game. Upload to YT and add the link together with a summary in the ticket and you'll get speedier and more precise help from support team  B)  
  • Do you know a good app for recording?  I can afford the free app... lol

    Would like to use it not only for issues, but for guild training.

  • I'll check it out!  Thanks so much!
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