Dungeons, Everyone Gets a Chest

Feeling Snowprint went Oprah on us last night... you get a chest, you get a chest, and you get a chest!  Not on the battle roster... yup, even you get a chest!

Three players not on the battle roster got chests last night.

Is this a change to Dungeons, or is it a bug?  

Conflicted if it is a change.  I like everyone getting a chest if they are active daily.  But there's always a casual player or two that might be benefitting from the efforts of the rest of the Crew.  Guess I need to put some boots on for da kick.  If you're a daily player, Embla 19 and above, might want to message me if you're interested in joining our Crew early so you can be at the top of my waiting list... lol

Even in the Universe there is a need for good bugs.  If it is a bug, can you put it way down on the priority list to fix, like after the Grimshaw event or the release of Frozen, or the world after Frozen : p

Thanks for the info : )


  • Treo from Discord/Snowprint says the server guys will be investigating everyone getting a chest.

    Sure would be nice if Snowprint would leave it the way it is for a couple of days at least (or even not fix at all).

    Know that quite a few players have lost Chest Quest and Underworld loot during the recent upgrade.  Would be nice if the players were given a couple extra rewards during the upgrade process.  Don't think any of them have received recovery chests for their losses.

    To let Snowprint know you agree, please hit the Agree button.  Please comment.. fix or don't fix.  Thanks!
  • I was pleasantly surprised to see this morning that I got a chest from a boss that my team took down while I was sleeping. Yes, please leave it like that!

    @zzzz Looks like you need to move some people out that are casual. It's never fun being the "bad guy."
  • @LiquidMinstral, got another plan in the works that could help everyone.  You should be seeing something on the Forum shortly... lol

    Think Snowprint should work on the upgrade bugs first, and as a show of good faith to dedicated players that are losing out during the upgrade at least give them some other bonus like the Dungeons bug.

    We're hanging in there and staying with the game.. a little player appreciation would be nice.
  • edited April 2019
    I agree, it sure would be nice to get a little love for the long-time, active players. I mean, dropping a nice little cache of diamonds on us doesn't cost them a thing... just sayin'.
  • They finally did it, over a month later than they should have, but at least they did it. Well I don't have the update yet, hopefully it doesn't take another month for everyone to get it.
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