We have Hero Arena and Hero Challenge, why not a Guild Challenge?

The most fun I have ever had playing LoS was last night with the launch of Dungeon Season 12. It was an almost 3-hour stretch of intense strategy, teamwork, and communication in an attempt to get our season off to the best possible start. The first day of the season, and even the first few hours, are so different than the rest of the season because it requires a great deal of coordination to send the right players in to do the correct amount of damage on each boss or crystal, when where and how to use the bombs, and how to stagger the attacks so a team doesn't waste damage potential. We send one player in to attack, waiting with anticipation for the outcome of the round to see how much damage they did, meanwhile the troops are lined up ready to attack, waiting for the "go" signal from Cap. This goes on for the first few hours and is something everyone who plays this game should experience. Once we get past the first few bosses, things relax back into a basic strategy our team captain posts: bomb here, attack this crystal, full on boss, etc. -- it's pretty laid back for 12 out of the 13 days of the season... but day one, hours 1-3 are unbelievably intense and fun. It sure would be nice if we had the opportunity to have that kind of intense and coordinated game play with our guilds more often.

My idea is to have a Guild Challenge that resets every other day, or every third day like Hero Challenge. Maybe it goes for 1 day, and then off for 2, or on for 2 days and off for 2, something like that, so it's not an everyday thing. The Guild Challenge can use the Boss Arena bosses mixed with Dungeon bosses (but with different crystals), and it would be a different set of bosses each reset, so we get some variety. This would also mean it would take a while for teams to figure out the best strategy to attack the different sequence of bosses. Maybe we square off against 5 similarly ranked guilds, determined by our last season Dungeon ranking.

What are your thoughts?

What are your ideas to add to make it better?
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