Significant issue with Refresh mechanism

So, Legend of Solgard has multiple creatures which do something special when used to create barriers, such as Redguard or Raven Master. However, there is something in the refresh algorithm which makes it impossible to have a horizontal match directly created by a refresh. This is causing a handicap against these creatures, since they benefit more from being made into horizontal matches than other creatures do. Is this a bug that you are planning to fix at some point? Maybe there was some excessive tuning on the refresh logic to try and avoid the AI getting even more nutty RNG swings against players in Bounties/Arena etc?

Basically, there is a hidden mechanic which artificially makes those creatures worse, and there is absolutely no in-game documentation telling players that this is the case; that to me feels like a bug.


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    Great point Shyft! I agree, I don't think I have ever seen a barrier being created on a refresh, yet a combine on a refresh happens every game, multiple times. I have had to accommodate for that in my strategy, but it sure would be nice to have a barrier created from a refresh, especially if I make moves to set up that possibility for occurring. Right now, it's not something any of us set-up for, and would add another interesting stratagem to the game. It does create a handicap for Raven Master, but that's the only creature that it applies to since Red Guard creates barriers regardless of a horizontal or vertical match.
  • Was anything done in the most recent update to correct the refresh algorithm?
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    I hadn’t noticed this personally, I’ve seen a refresh cause a bunch of mine to build walls when I wanted critters! I’ll keep an eye out for a broader pattern, though...

    in the meantime, ya might think about setting up chains, like a vert match moving towards the frontlines pushing a critter back into a horizontal match? I mean I try to do that with raven and vinebeard. 

    Edit: he says before noticing he’s 9 months late to the conversation lol
  • RaiAkashi. LOL. :)
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