When is the new update? (Today is April 9, 2019)

When is the new update? (Today is April 9, 2019) Does anyone know? Having a hard time finding the answer elsewhere. Thanks 


  • I imagine their main focus is on fixing the bugs in the current release first (data loss, Underworld). Some of us are still on 1.6...
  • Hi @MarkHawk ;

    Would you please move this topic to Support and alert Snowprint so they can investigate... haven't seen the issues described by @slickb ; posted before.  Could have missed a previous post...  been busy with new crew training lately.

    And word on progress for the upgrade from 1.6?

  • Hi guys,

    Won't be long before next update will be released. Game studio is busy testing the last details. Stay tuned for updates  B)
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