Dragon Bug on PvP?

New here and not sure if this is even a bug. Sometimes the dragon does not attack when my turn ends. I've seen it happen twice now. Not sure if there is a requirement to make it attack or not. Any info would be great.


  • I think you’re referring to the wyverns which automatically pop after a few turns  in Hero Arena? No there is no requirement to make them attack and your wyvern should always attack at the end of your turn, move, and gain 2 strength. Your AI opponent’s wyvern will do the same at the end of their turn.

    I’ve not noticed any issues with this myself, but I am still running 1.6.
  • I am referring to the Wyvern. I have seen it happen twice now. Both times it was a high level Wyvern, once a level 12. The Wyvern doesn't attack and does no damage to the row. Both times I had no attacking creatures.
  • I have seen this bug too, and I think it has to do with creature abilities that trigger at the end of your turn. For instance, if you have a Sunblade trying to create barriers on the same column that the wyrm is firing on, it sometimes just makes the wyrm not fire at all. I actually stopped using Sunblade in Hero Arena and Hero Challenge because of it.
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