get bone brothers level 151

Still stuck on this dum level I changed up character still stuck and words of advice out there? :-) help eeww ha <3>:)


  • Hi Christy. I don’t remember level 151 off hand and it doesn’t have a heroic version so I can’t replay it. Can you post a screenshot?
  • Thanks for info :-)
  • You can replay any level that isn’t heroic it just costs you energy and when you finish you get nothing for it
  • That dum I want to figure out 151 I guess no one gets it's thanks again
  • Bone Brothers is level 154 for me. Which one do you mean?

    151 is fairly easy, just make sure you have a couple of ranged creatures, like Valkyrie, Grimchop etc. Then build them big and time them when vortices are small and not large.

  • Just replayed 154 (Bone Brothers). Pretty much the same principle as above. Valkyrie is really useful with multiple arrows, then I used Cracklehoof (multiple hits), Grimchop (ranged hitting over vertex), and Lamp Wraith to get some AoD on the critters. And then add some luck of course :)
  • Thanks for all good avice that will help me a great deal I will try its 151 bone brothers  Cool help
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