Active guild looking for more members

Black Halo TAG #MZCHW needs 5 more active members. We've all just sort of banded together over time kicking deadwood when necessary. We have three 20+ members about six 15+ and the rest are a smattering of newer players 6+, but we all are active in the guild following a general plan and battling / donating every day. While we are not specifically looking to be a top 100 guild it would be nice. What we really want is to increase our rewards in the dungeons. 

To be honest it wasn't until just recently we as a group came to realize there is more potential in the guild and want a few more experienced members with the knowledge and desire to make it grow.  

Come join us for some casual fun and help collect a lot of gold. 


  • Got one and had to kick one who just disappeared. Still looking for 5 more active members. 
  • One more spot full. Only 4 left. You need to be active daily with donations and battles. 
  • Still looking to fill the final spots. We're making progress but want to be full. 
  • We are at 17 members and we are all donating and attacking every day. We need three more to fill our ranks  
  • We are at 18 members and close to 300 positions better than last season and still gaining. We'd like to fill those last slots  
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