Hero Challenge rewards

I had an idea how to make the final one or two bouts more interesting.

On the second day, I always check to see which reward tier I am in with a chance of getting (usually the 3800 or 2800 one) and then pace myself so as not to risk losing my streak bonus.

No point in risking it, if you are only likely to get to 3500 even if you win everything, right? May as well play safe and just get to 2800.

Well, you could introduce more, smaller, tiers, but that might get messy. Or... give a chance that the next reward will drop at the close of day 2, based on how far the player managed to get towards it.

For example, player has 3300 points (halfway between 2800 and 3800) at the close means that they would have a 50% chance of getting the 120 arena tokens as a bonus, but a player with 2900 would only have a 10% chance of the same reward. Even the player with 2810 would have a 1% chance.

This would reward risk more, and make every point count.


  • I like your idea how could you make it happen?
  • edited April 2019
    Once the challenge arena has closed, when the player clicks continue on the end of challenge screen, check to see how far the player had progressed from their last reward towards their next and use that percentage as a roll to see if they get the next reward.

    If they are lucky then, before going into the screen to start the new season, they would get a congratulations screen and receive the extra reward there.
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