No tresor rewards for guild boss defeated

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It's the third times that i have not received the tresor for beating a boss during the guild quest. First as it was the first tresor chess, i thought that not a big deal . But  today i was the first tresor chess of jotunhein. It's makes 6 tresors chess that i have miss. So can you manage something in order to have my lost tresor chess? I have tried to send a direct message to the support in game, but it only open a blank page without any text. HELP ME B)


  • You currently only receive a chest if you damaged a particular boss or a crystal. If you didn’t get onto the damage log for a boss, you don’t get rewarded.

    It’s a running debate in other threads.

    The best way to maximise your rewards is to split up your attacks and bombs. That not only gives you up to 3 chests, but also allows room for more of your guildmates to attack bosses too.
  • Ok thats sucks ! O.o
    It is only a damage/day  that is taking acount or only one run of damage? 

  • Any damage done to a boss or crystal will earn you that boss chest. It doesn’t matter if the damage was done on the same day the boss falls or not.
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