All Equal (new team event)

I propose a new team event : All Equal

Mode duration : 1 day (24h)

At first, each team must choose the challenge difficulty :

-12 battes
-6 battles
-3 battles

(the possible gains depend on this choice)

for each battle (1 to 12) each player receives the same combination of creatures (and same level & bonus)
When a player has finished a fight, he must wait 1 hour to play the next
the combination changes with each new battle (but always the same for all payers)

if the player does not return regularly to fight, he may not reach the quota set by his team after 24 hours (because one hour always separates two fights of the same player)

at the end of the 24h each team gets a score in the three categories (12, 6, or 3 battles)

Interest :

in this event, the result does not depend on the level of the players but on their knowledge of the different creatures

This game mode favors teams that have very active players
choosing the 12 battle mode for example means that all players on the team are capable of 12 attacks per player spread over 12 hours (big challenge)

the idea is also to offer events that do not always produce the same top ranking, to prevent weaker players from getting tired or benefit from time to time good results

I hope this idea will inspiring
Thank you



  • Cool idea Meyloth! I like that fact that it's a team event. One concern I have is that if each round the players get the exact same creatures, the battle comes down to a coin flip: who will get the most fortunate draws. I would suggest having 6 or 8 creatures to pick from each round, so at least there is some strategy there that can help you turn the odds in your favor.
  • I definitely like the idea of everyone having the same creatures (or pool of creatures to choose from). Yes, luck still plays a big role but I think strategy within the match makes a big difference too, and this would be the perfect place to demonstrate your strategic skill.
  • Great idea but you penalize those players and guilds that work during those 24 hours of play and therefore unable to compete every hour 
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