Keeping tabs on guild members’ daily progress

I’d love for the developers to expand the leader/officer ability to oversee how members are getting daily guild tasks done. It’s hard to track an individual for boss/crystal attempts and recent activity in guild boss screen is a clean slate at start of next boss. I can look at overall attempts and scores for that boss, but again - refresh at next boss. I’d like season totals, member rankings, something that can help us remind individuals to get in there and do some damage before reset. Others’ ideas - reply to this. Am I wrong? Am I missing a screen that does this?


  • An officer chat log where only Leader and officers can see and respond to (by using /O or by way of a click icon) would also be welcomed when we want to discuss trying something new or making a hard decision like kicking someone without involving the entire guild 
  • I hope they actually listen to suggestions. 
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