Battle of champions (new game mode)

Sorry I'm French and I'm using Google trad

I propose a new game mode
The battle of the champions

Mode duration: 3 days

At first, each team must choose a champion and the leader assigns him that role. (A new role in addition to that of officer)

Day 1

All champions face the same boss with a constraint: only attacking creatures to attack the boss

The score obtained by each champion corresponds to the number of health points remaining at the end of the fight

If a champion forgets to fight, he scores 0 as if he lost all his life points in combat)

Day 2

The team can if it wishes to change its champion

All champions face a second boss with a different constraint: only support creatures to attack the boss

The remaining health points are added together with those of the first day

Day 3

The team can change its champion again if it wishes

All champions face a third boss with a new constraint: only defense creatures to attack the boss

And again we add the remaining points of life to the previous ones

At the end of the three days we get a team ranking.

The rewards earned benefit all members of the team

Interest :

This idea allows each team to make decisions to choose their champion. It creates discussions

This idea makes it possible to establish a different classification to avoid having always the same teams at the top of the ranking

options :

Choose 2 or 3 champions per team instead of one

Determine randomly who will be the champion and change it during the 3 days

I hope this idea will be inspiring
Thank you

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