What combinations are useful besides 3 vertical, 4 square, and 2 added to an augmented hero(either a 3 or 4 hero)? I thought I saw once some combo that caused a lot of damage to opponent??
Or is 4 combos all there is?


  • You might be thinking about shape bonus, making matches in the shape of a "+," a "T," or an "L" -- those would qualify for the shape bonus stat to be added to the strength.
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    I think you are referring to the Sun Burst Spell. You get this (a glowing ball of light) by matching 5 horizontally. Instead of creating barriers (as with 3 or 4), the central point becomes the spell.

    Moving the spell behind any other creature then causes each creature of that colour (both combined and uncombined) to immediately charge forward with a minimum strength equivalent to your Sun Burst strength.

    It is usually devastating and nearly always worth trying to make if available, but you should be aware that...

    1. It has no stats. It won’t block, impede or attract attacks and cannot be destroyed.

    2. It does block you from moving creatures out of the column it is in (since you will move it instead). You can, however, still add creatures to that column (and the spell will move back).

    3. The spell cannot be used to trigger the column it is in, nor any full column (or any containing a bomb, for example). It has to be a clean move to an available creature.

    4. Unlike your standard Sun Spell (cast with your wand) it does cost a move to use.
  • Might want to gain more knowledge about the Collections, left and right creature level ups.  Take a look at Bear and Tusker for example.  They add block and strength to surrounding creatures.  Once the levels are up, it takes learning the best merges for the most impact.
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