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Hello everyone!

So I have made it all the way to Legend League in Hero Arena and have played (almost) an entire season with plenty of insightful information gathered along the way. If you frequent the message boards at all, you'll know I've been going hard at the pros and cons of the Hero Arena and how it might be improved. You can review those threads here:

Some things I have learned through my experiences going consecutively from Expert III League all the way to Legend League (LL):
  • Being fortunate (lucky draws) is a key factor at Hero Arena success, perhaps the biggest aside from... Money (I'll get to that in a sec.)
  • The higher up in leagues you go, the less likely you are to get fortunate draws (i.e. the game gets harder)
  • Choosing the right team gives you a little bit of an edge, so it's helpful to have a strong top 12
  • Seeing clever combinations of moves (essentially skill and strategy) also gives you a little bit of an edge
When it comes down to it though, especially in LL, you are fighting an uphill battle against being fortunate that is immeasurably compounded by those that are spending money to purchase high-ranking spots. I'll explain. I have a solid team of lvl 6 characters, many that are 10/10 or near it, and each with two solid idols. I was working my tail off and could barely hold a spot ranked 150-200. I would look at the leader board and see players with equal or lesser teams in the top 25 and couldn't understand how the luck could be so extreme that this would happen in the game. Then a little birdie shined a light on the fact that many (most?) of those players at the top of the leader board spend money (diamonds) buying extra turns, Hero Arena Buffs, and Golden Apples to lessen the impact of losses. Now it all made sense. In the LL, unless you have an extremely good team (~7/10/10 Grimbash, Vinebeard, etc) and/or are very, very lucky, you pretty much have no shot at getting into the top 100, let alone the top 50, UNLESS you buy buffs. Well that sucks! I'm going back down to Grand Master League.

But that shouldn't be the case! I shouldn't have to lose on purpose to drop down a league and go where the playing field is a bit more level, since I am not willing to spend the kind of money (diamonds) you need to, every week, to crack the top 100 in LL. Is there a solution?

Yes, I think so, hence this thread: There should be a Second Hero Arena Mode with no buffs and no extra turns to purchase -- everyone is on a level playing field with only your creatures, skill, and strategy to separate each other (and of course the fortunate factor). At the beginning of each season, you choose which Hero Arena you want to enter: You may choose the regular Hero Arena, and play it out as you would normally, or you could choose the "No-Buffs" arena but pay a small fee, like 5 diamonds to enter. That way, the devs are still collecting diamonds, but the spending doesn't get out of control where people are essentially buying higher rankings. This gives the F2P people a real chance at getting top spots without having to worry about competing with others that have greater financial resources, and having those resources be a major factor in the outcome.

What are your thoughts LoS community? Good idea or bad?

Am I totally nuts, or are you down for this?

Anyone have any ideas to further improve this suggestion?

Anyone have differing thoughts about my conclusions regarding Hero Arena?

I'd love to hear from you (oh, and hit that "Like" button if you like the idea so we can get the devs to pay attention to it!)


  • Insightful, and a great idea.  Thank you for putting a while lotta thought behind you ideas : )

    There are players who can afford the expense, and some of us are on budgets.  

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