Recruiting message for The Slayers Cake!


9/20 members just starting out, looking for more raiders to damage boss fights

just starting out, join us
everyone left your guild, join us 
want to knock out your dailies and call it a day, join us

i hope to see you in the game or on the arena grounds


  • Also, if your guild didn’t down at least three bosses last season give us a try.  We have 10 open spaces, bring all of the active people you know.  Most of us are even friendly.  
  • Currently 12/20.  Growing and moving on up.  Last season finished raiding in the 6000’s so far we’ve moved into the 1000’s this season.  Most of us are between level 7 and level 10 and looking to keep growing together.  If you are active but are having trouble finding the right fit, give us a try!
  • Currently 13/20. Two seasons ago 1975; last season 1550.  Most people between 10-13.  We need YOU to keep progressing.  Please join us this season.  #WLNMO
  • Current bonuses: 2 3 2 1
  • Currently 12/20 active.  Last season improvement to 1146.  Most players between 11-14.  We need you to keep progressing.  Please join us this season.  #WLNMO    Current bonus: 2 3 2 1
  • Currently 15/20 active.  Last season improved to 952.  You can find a home at #WLNMO.  More active players means better rewards for all, try us out.
  • Currently 18/20.  Last season #362.  You can find a home at #WLNMO.
  • TOP 200 přátelský CZ/SK tým, hledá 4 aktivní hráče, úroveň min. 26 #NRYPG. Těšíme se na Vás :)
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