Guild Chat Improvement?

I am such a fan of Guild chat. 

Recently I noticed a huge improvement. 

Barely any, or no, screen freezes lately!

Could it be something on my phone updated or did Snowprint work on this bug.

If it's Snowprint's efforts, please step up and comment so I may personally thank you.  Makes the game so much more enjoyable : )

If not Snowprint, any ideas or recommendations on what players might need to do to help with screen freeze chat?

Thank you!


  • Don’t know about screen freezes, but I would like it to recognise apostrophes!
  • You and my teammate Maude!

    I have apostrophes on my Droid. Would be lost without them.   lol

    Also downloaded other language keyboards and can toggle back and forth.

    Hmm.. maybe some type of keyboard download might help?
  • Hi guys,

    I believe the dev team did some updates to the guild chat - including apostrophes.

    Good to hear it's running smooth! I'll tell the guys in the studio  B) 
  • Apostrophes still not working on Apple but.... what a huge improvement in guild chat!!!

    Anyone on my Crew knows or learns the value of guild chat.... brings a team closer together. 

    With a weather report, I can tell if one of our crew might be MIA due to weather related technical difficulties.. lol

    It's not all about Solgard, it's also about the friendships, tears,  laughter, and being there for each other.  It's one of the reasons I am such a huge Solgard fan.

    Strategies on Discord, chat in Solgard : )

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