Idea Coming Soon! Idea Coming Soon! Idea Coming Soon!

Yup, got an Idea coming soon : p

Right now I got some critter hunting to do in the Boss Arena, Dungeons, Hero Arena, Hero Challenge, Underworld, Treasure Hunt, a Bounties Mob, some gem mining in Collections, and who knows maybe a Rainbow.  Hope I have time tonight for guild chat too : )

Was that a hint?! Yup!  lol

Time for me to go get busy... In the meantime, got a clue what the Idea is?  Go ahead, take a guess.. lol


  • Voice to text feature while you play?
  • Add dungeons to the list of needs for the daily quest chest?

  • Nope, nope.. lol

    Keep guessing... I'll give you another clue if you're warm... : p
  • But, in the meantime, if you see an interesting guess hit Like or Agree.  : )
  • Still no new ideas or guesses...

    Idea will be coming soon, I promise <hint, hint,> lol
  • Bonuses for the amount of time, in 24 hrs., you are completely out of free turns or plays.
  • I like that idea!

    <Hint> check top three boxes on a weekend versus a weekday, and if you are a long time player, think about when Boss Arena used to be. Timing is so important in life!
  • Remember the good ole days when Boss Arena started on Fridays?  Would be able to enjoy an extra game mode on the weekend : )

    Now Tuesdays through Thursdays are jam packed with all the game modes to play,  and I find myself twiddling my thumbs or chatting during the weekends.  Good thing I'm with a chatty crew or weekends would be kinda boring.  Weekdays I've gotta work, gal needs a roof over her head and food to eat.  I find myself rushing through all game modes and not much time for chat.

    So Snowprint... possible new game mode coming soon?  Would you consider looking at the schedule for the game modes, and adjust it so the modes are more equally distributed throughout the week?  Timing is such an important factor, both in life and in Solgard.

    Might just be me but... seeing Coming Soon! seems to be always on my screen.. I've got a Thesaurus I'm willing to lend you... just kidding with you ; )
  • Ohhhh, forgot to mention @LiquidMinstral ; 's idea on Dungeons being added to the Daily chest quest.  

    How about a separate chest quest just for Dungeons.  Two battles and a bomb daily ... might want to consider a certain number of consecutive days that you need to do to get the chest.  You don't have to give away the farm in these chests, but it might make up for some of the chests lost due to bosses going down so quickly in the larger guilds.

  • Perhaps the consecutive days of max donations, 2 attacks and bomb use gives you the chests you missed and additional dust. 
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