Possible Bug: Game crashes in Underworld and takes away all of the Creatures

Hi guys,

We've seen some players with issues in Underworld. The game crashes and takes away all of the Creatures.

We're working on solving the issue. If you should happen to have a video on how the game crashed for you then please post it here in this thread.


  • This just happened to me again. I lost all my critters and cant reset the underworld for 2 days so I also can't complete my quests for 2 days. My tag # is 45547ce1-0747-4135-ab7b-a80058e572f2
  • Hi, I have this issue twice, I don't have video, only a screenshot with the success.
    This bug happens when I lost my life's points and the boss is in transparency mode. 
  • I have a different issue in the UW.

    I'm in Chamber 15 and every once in a while when I hit play the screen flashes then a timer saying 23H 59M shows up over the play button and I cannot play anything in the UW until that timer runs out even though I have attempts left.  
  • For some reason I have a time that won't let me try again.  It started at 24 hours.  This means I will not be able to complete my daily quests and will not get the chest 
  • @MarkHawk do you know if there is any progress with the Underworld timer lock out issue, and where fixing it is on the Snowprint priority list?

    While I have not experienced it.... yet... I know it has been affecting players for many months.

    Is it possible to get an update from Snowprint on this issue?

    Thanks for all you do for the Solgard Forum community : )
  • I read on Discord that some of the Underworld issues are related to older model equipment.  Anyone have the latest and greatest, and still experiencing problems?
  • Hi guys,

    If you're still experiencing issues with the Underworld timer lockout then please get in contact with support: https://forum.legendofsolgard.com/legend-of-solgard/discussion/2499/something-not-working-right-need-support-check-this-thread#latest

    New patch release will soon be released but it would be good to let support know about this :+1:
  • Update to this issue; This should be fixed in update Dev team has made improvements to make sure you are not being locked out of the underworld as a result of a crash.
  • @barefoot got 1.8 early.. Hey Barefoot, any improvement in the Underworld?
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